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FLAVA was created back in 2001
Tailor made parties for the 8 to 15 year olds.

FLAVA is the ultimate modern approach in entertainment but hasn’t

lost the traditional element of still being a “Disco”.

Moving with the times and trends since 2001 and including everything
from what’s Viral Online, Tik Tok Trends and allowing custom playlists

to tailor the event to exactly what it needs to be;

Cool, Current & Exciting.

FLAVA photography, U.V Glow (AnythinGlows)
and theme party packages are all available.

Latest themes include:
Micky’s “Old Skool” Disco

(School Disco Fancy dress with an old skool twist on the music)

The Big Beach Bash!

(Summer Party Fancy dress, Summer Style Music and Bespoke decor)


(U.V Party, U.V Paint, Glow Sticks and More)

Party in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, (Bahnhofsviertel) railway station quarter night, in t


Fair Prices, Guaranteed

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